The online home of Graham Kent, technical team leader and manager, currently living in London, misses being in Stockholm.

1. Why the photos of Amberley and Stockholm and Åre on the front page? What’s that got to do with SQL Server and IT in general?

Why not! These are great photos and they give me a warm feeling. What more is there to say! If a photo of a computer convinces you to employ me more than meeting me or seeking references of my past work, then we’re probably better off not working together anyway. I’ve got some little graphics of general computer stuff as well lower down there, so that ought to keep everyone happy.

2. Are you really serious about that mentoring stuff? Will you reply if I actually contact you?

Hell yes I’m serious! Will I reply? Well it depends how many people ask, and it depends how well you ask. For example it’ll certainly help if you’ve read Code by Charles Petzold, or Zen by Robert Pirsig, but I’m open to all comers. Sometimes it’s just interesting to chat to people about SQL Server careers and share ideas.

3. Where do you find the time to work full time and consult independently?

Often I don’t! I probably do no more than 10 hours a month independent stuff, but sometimes I do take holiday from my employer and do other small projects to keep things fresh. I try to focus on small advisory projects or doing speaking engagements.

4. Are you involved in any goat related charity work?.

Unfortunately no, although I have been know to buy people charity goats for Christmas. Maybe you’re looking for or something similar like that. There are some links to such great organisations on the far right menu “Real Goats for Charity”.

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