In the past through GlobalGoat I have provided technology advisory and consulting services. However at the moment I’m focusing the majority of my time on my full time job and my family and a few home projects. I am occasionally available for other engagements but the only things I tend to devote time to currently are public speaking events and advisory work for non-profit and charities.

I enjoy talking at all sorts of conferences and events. My favourite such events are career days for students. I spoke at a few in Sweden in previous years and I ran a graduate recruitment program for my current employer, and as such I’m often to be found at careers events at University campuses, especially in the South East.

In terms of charity and non-profit engagements I’m always open to offers as I tend to do these for free if I like the organisation.

If you’d be interested in me coming to speak at an event or giving your organisation some advice, just drop me a line.