Code Club at Ridgeway School Croydon – week 3 updates

I was preparing for week 3 of my first term in code club, knowing that last week I’d given out a shared login for our club on the scratch website. I thought I’d have a check to see if there were people commenting or looking at the projects that we uploaded last week, wondering if the children were showing them to their friends and families for example.

There were some comments and this was great to see, but what was far more satisfying to see was that the children had obviously been using the login to browse other projects and some had been uploading completely new ones that they’d written in their own time during the week, some of which were using different techniques to those which we’ve already covered in code club! Now that was really fantastic news, as it means they’re developing the coding bug and experimenting and trying new stuff.

Once this type of attitude starts to permeate through the club then there’s going to be no stopping us! As ever I can’t wait for tomorrow to come round so I can get back in the classroom!

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By Graham Kent

Code Club teacher, IT Director, currently living in London, misses being in Stockholm