Weekend Projects

Weekend projects are just some things I’m thinking about or working on outside of work just now, in no particular order.

Forest School – this has been my primary side project in 2017 / 18,  I volunteer at the one run at my local primary school, teaching children about bushcraft skills

CodeClub – by god I **love** doing code club, it’s the best project I’ve done in ages. Go to their website now and volunteer.

My bookshelf – I try to find lots of time to read, whether it being on the train to work, in bed, or just whenever a few minutes allow. I’ve also published a book for my aunt. Check out some of my latest reading list here.

Other blogs – a selection of other online publications

Skiing in Åre – I can never get enough of the place and if possible I do love to stay at the Fjällgården

Raspberry Pi – I’ve been known to tinker around with these, but more as part of code club than anything else. I rarely have the time to do loads of stuff.

Sourdough Bread Baking – been working on this for about 4 years now, this photo is my proudest creation to date

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