Viking boat in Stockholm

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There’s nothing particularly special about this photo apart from to say that i find it very evocative of my time in Stockholm. Quite what the Viking boat is doing I was never sure, but it’s just that it’s there that makes me think of Stockholm generally in that there always seemed to be something like this happening in and around the town. Not always Viking boats, although myself and Matilda did ride in another one up at Sigtuna, but just always interesting and varied stuff to see and do. it’s not that London hasn’t got things to see and do, it’s just that it’s at a different pace and a different style. I just love the fact that the water and boats were always so accessible. Sometimes me and Tilda would just jump on a bus or a train and go ride the boats from one place to another, just to hang and chill and see the views. Sweet memories indeed.

Looking south east from Åre high zone

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A beautiful sunny day near the top of the cable car in Åre, this is a surprisingly good photo considering that it was taken with a mobile phone, a winmobile 6 one at that! Those were the days eh, stylus in hand…..thank god for the HTC sense which made it almost useable, although it did hang quite alot anyway! that said though it still remains one of my favourite phones as I just loved the form factor. It was an HTC Diamond 2.

Looking north over Amberley from the South Downs Way

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This is one of my favourite photos of all time, this is my default screen saver on all my machines, if you ever employ me or have me around your office, you’ll notice this on all of my devices. (when I haven’t got SSMS or notepadd++ open that it is)

It’s taken from the south downs way looking north over Amberley on a fine September day when summer was seeming to last forever. I’m always looking for property in this area, but it doesn’t come up very often. Feel free to ping me if you have a big family house for rent in this area!

Coming back from Grinda

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Over the past few years I’ve published content in all sorts of places across the web. I’ve finally managed to find a few hours to set up my domains properly, play with a bit of wordpress and try to centralise all my content going forward. This site is the result of that work and I hope it’s content will be of use to you. Since it’s also a personal vanity project at the same time it’s got some photos, musing and other general things as well. This is why the first few posts are some nice photos, and also because they’re easier to put up quickly as opposed to writing proper technical content which will follow in the coming weeks and months!

Coming back from Grinda, looking out the back of the boat, and there’s another right behind us.